Apr 11

Blu Cigs Starter Kit Review and Coupon Code

All my friends are turned on to Blu e-cigs and I was the last of the bunch to give in to trying them. Being a smoker of 24 years I found it hard to think that anything could replace the rush of a morning cigarette with my coffee. But after being the only one on outings that had to step outside at public places to go smoke, and the savings my friends were raving about I figured why not cave a little and try it out. If I didn’t like it I could just go back to smoking regular cigarettes.

So after doing some research online and talking to other people, getting a review of what they thought, I ordered my first Blu Cigs Original starter kit. Continue reading

Apr 08

Pricing of Blu Cig Starter Kits

Blu may be a newcomer to the electronic cigarette market, but their kits have already made their mark. Highly rated by users, the e-cigarette’s distinctive blue glow sets it apart in a crowded market.

Blu manufacturers offer three different price points for their starter kit: $69.95 for the Original kit, which provides five e-cigarettes in either a black or white carrying case; $79.95 for the Premium kit, also available in black or white, but with an added social networking component; and $89.95 for the Blu Premium 100 kit, which offers the same features as the Premium kit, comes solely in black, and provides the equivalent of several packs of regular cigarettes each day. Continue reading

Mar 11

Blu Premium Starter Kit Review and Coupon Code

The Blu Premium starter kit is probably the top recommended starter kit – you’re just getting into smoking e cigarettes. The kit comes with a black or white case, depending on your preference, along with two batteries, two chargers, and a five-pack of flavored cartridges. The pack’s design alone is almost enough reason to make the purchase. It is sleek and smooth, the perfect combination of an iPhone and a pack of cigs. I was impressed as soon as I laid my eyes on it and couldn’t wait to show it off. Continue reading

Mar 09

Blu Premium100 Review and Coupon Code

There are many reasons people choose to make the switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes and these reasons usually differ from person to person. In my experience using electronic cigarettes, blu has consistently produced a well designed and effective product.

Blu Cigs Premium100 Pack Review First Look

An increasingly popular brand of electronic cigarettes notable for its stylish appearance and lower costs than many of it’s competitors, blu Premium100 pack E-cigs are a perfect choice for first time electronic cigarette users. Experienced users or those who smoke more than a pack a day will also enjoy the fact that the blu Premium100 pack lasts longer and comes with many different features and provides an alternative to traditional smoking. Continue reading