Mar 29

Disposable Versus Refillable – Comparing Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

Electronic cigarettes are a popular alternative to traditional cigarettes and come in two major varieties: disposable liquid cartridges and refillable liquid cartridges.

Compare disposable and refillable e cig cartridges.When a user decides to compare refills based on ease, the disposable cartridges are best. A user unscrews the cartridge from the base and replaces it with a new one and the e-cigarette is ready to go. Refillable cartridges feature a wick inside that is soaked with nicotine solution. A user must purchase the solution in whichever strength and flavor they choose, then use an eyedropper to drip the solution into the cartridge. Once the wick is soaked, the user reattaches the cartridge to the e-cigarette and the refill is complete. Continue reading

Mar 27

The Many Flavors of Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarettes

There are many blu cigarette flavors that taste great pictured here.I think one of my favorite things about smoking Blu Cigs are all the flavors I get to choose from. It’s just not possible to find such a variety with traditional cigarettes. And to be honest, most of the flavored cigarettes I’ve tried in the past just don’t taste that good. But this is not the case with Blu Cigs. I really love the way all of the flavors taste. Continue reading